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Struggling to start a rewarding data science career? With no steps in a meaningful direction, It’s discouraging. You begin to feel lost. Alone. How about we take you by the hand as you kickstart your Data Science career?

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Are you ready to become a Data Scientist, but don't know where to Start?


Confused about how to sift through millions of data science-related resources online?

Clueless about where to start?

Worried you won't make the cut in job interviews?


With Big Data eLearning, all of your fears will vanish. We get it — the task is daunting. That's why we help you break down the process into easy-to-follow steps using powerful resources so you can achieve success quickly. 


In just 90 days, you will gain the knowledge and understanding to work as a data scientist — on your own terms. Our self-paced online courses, comprehensive interview cheat sheets, and exclusive community of like-minded people are all here to help you reach your full potential. 

The time is now. With us, you won't be alone in your data science journey. Join thousands of others as they reach their goals and become successful data scientists with Big Data eLearning.


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Why Become a Data Scientist?


High Salary

Earn Better Amounts Of Money

High Demand

Stand Out in the Job Market

Feel Proud & Accomplished

Discover Your Worth

Feel Satisfied & Prestigious

Become Sought-After and Ride the Data Scientist Career Wave

Prove Your Worth

Prove Yourself to Others Who Have Doubted Your Skills

There is no doubt that becoming a data scientist is a smart career move with great earning potential...

There is a Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago — the second best time is now.”

The same goes for kicking off your career.

So why not start your journey now with Big Data eLearning? 

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Why Choose “BigData eLearning”?


Engaging & Easy-to-understand Courses: Never get bored again with un-engaging data science lessons. Learning should be fun and memorable.

Easy-to-Follow 90-Day Roadmap:  Never get confused again on where to start or how to become a data Scientist. Download our free Roadmap today.

Exclusive Data Science Community: Join the community, connect with like-minded people, and solidify the feeling that becoming a data scientist is possible!

Experienced Mentor Support : Learn from the experience of someone who has walked the same path, who can guide you along the twists and turns in your data science journey.

Real World Projects: Practice makes perfect. Discover real-world projects with step-by-step instructions to get hands-on experience in order to gain the needed expertise.

Portfolio Building : Actions speak louder than words. Learn to build the perfect data science portfolio to showcase your experience and expertise in your interviews.

Resume Preparation : Never make the most common data science resume mistakes again. We’ll help you craft the perfect resume to increase the odds of interview calls.

Comprehensive interview cheat sheets : Going unprepared for an interview is really stressful. We’ll ensure you never go unprepared for a data science interview ever again.

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A Word From Our Satisfied Students



Good work, the training courses are amazing! Each training video is a great presentation and an excellent explanation. Very concise information!! Clear and thorough! It's simple and solid and crisp... a very well-organized tutorial. Real-time projects and handholding on how to do those projects step by step helped me get hands-on experience on the projects, which helped to crack the interviews.

George Bennet - Data Scientist


Wow, that was an amazing Data Scientist course, I have seen many courses and tutorials and I can say that this is the first one where I truly learned all the concepts. Very basic and easily understandable course materials. The training materials are super high-quality videos. The roadmap is laid out as an easy-to-follow plan, which took me to where I am today as a Sr.Data Scientist. Their interview cheat sheets are incredibly helpful to clear the interview.

Atulya Madhavi - Sr. Data Scientist


Very informative and clear explanation of the basics. All other courses are just telling about coding without clearing the concept of how programming Languages work. Many many thanks to BigDataElearning. The general guidance on how to clear the Data Science interview really helped a lot.

Lingeswaran Krishnaraj - Data Scientist

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