Introduction to Apache Hive : Big Data Processing Made Easy


In order to embark on a successful career as a data scientist, understanding Apache Hive is essential. This beginner course helps solidify that understanding.

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The Big Data eLearning Apache Hive Beginner Course enables learners to understand how Hive can be used to process large sets of data. Learners will get to know what Hive is, why it was developed, and what Hive can and cannot do.

Additionally, we'll take the time to explore the finest features of Hive and provide a comparison between Hive and relational database management systems (RDBMS).

This course explains some of the simple and complex data types available in Hive. Two types of Hive tables are also explored in this course. This will grant learners a glimpse into different ways of inserting and updating data in a Hive table.

Course-takers will get to know the anatomy of a SELECT statement and how they can use it to retrieve the data they need — as well as how to alter Hive tables to modify the metadata or data in that table. This includes, for example, renaming a Hive table, adding columns to a Hive table, or replacing existing columns in a Hive table.

Finally, this course explores the delete, drop, and truncate statements in Hive and how each of these statements affects the data in the table.

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Course Objectives

Once you have completed our course, you will understand:


  1. Why Hive was developed
  2. What Hive can and cannot do
  3. The finest features of Hive
  4. The differences between Hive and RDBMS
  5. Simple and complex data types of Hive tables
  6. Two types of Hive tables
  7. How to differentiate managed Hive tables and external Hive tables
  8. Different ways to insert or update data in Hive tables
  9. How to rename a Hive table using ALTER statements
  10. How to add new columns to a Hive table using ALTER statements
  11. How to replace existing columns in a Hive table using ALTER statements
  12. How to use SELECT statements to retrieve data from Hive tables
  13. How to delete data from Hive tables
  14. How to drop data from Hive tables
  15. How to truncate data from Hive tables
  16. The differences between delete, drop, and truncate semantics

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed to provide a strong foundation of understanding for Apache Hive — for those who aspire to make a career move to big data. It is appropriate for beginners in the field, but intermediate and advanced learners will also find value in the course.

This Apache Hive tutorial is ideal for:

  • Big data career aspirants
  • Big data engineers
  • Big data developers
  • Big data architects
  • Data scientists
  • Analytics professionals
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Pre-Requisites for This Course

A basic understanding of SQL or RDBMS is a plus. However, it is not mandatory.

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Why Learn Apache Hive?

More and more companies are starting to use big data technologies such as Apache Hive, Spark, and Pig to process ever-growing amounts of data in order to derive valuable insights and make better business decisions.

As a big data professional, having a strong understanding of Apache Hive provides you with the necessary skills to navigate and manage big data. Hive also serves as a stepping stone for learning other big data technologies such as Spark and Pig.

The advantage of Hive is that it provides SQL insight, and anyone with SQL knowledge can jump right in and start writing Hive queries. For this, big data aspirants should know some of the fundamentals of Hive — and this course grants exactly that.

Moreover, Hive can process huge volumes of data with ease. There's no need to write complex map-reduce programs, and development time is also significantly reduced. Hive can perform all ETL tasks by itself, making it a versatile tool for big data.

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  • What is Hive 
  • HIVE Data Types: Hive Data Models
  • Different Types of Hive Tables
  • Different Ways to Insert Data
  • How to Query Hive Tables 
  • How to Alter Hive Tables 
  • Delete, Drop, and Truncate Statements

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